I was beginning to write my daily post, but I’ve suddenly lost the inspiration. I’ll continue it another time. Other things are more on my mind now. I’m not writing this looking for attention. I just feel there are some things I need to get off my chest. First of all, I’m not sure why […]

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I’ve mentioned before that I work for Cracker Barrel, and that I’ve been there nearly 6½ years. I started as a dishwasher, and cross-trained to be able to work in all back-of-house positions (grill cook, backup cook and prep cook), at which I am rather proficient. Unlike some of the other employees, who get up […]

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Have you ever arrived late to work? Or maybe plumb slept right through your alarm? That happened to me today. It’s not something that happens too often; in fact, it is a very rare occurrence. But, today it happened. It has to do with my late-Sunday-night trip to Las Vegas. Working yesterday after less than […]

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I must apologize for being inactive over the last few days. Work gave me a vicious schedule, originally scheduling me over 65 hours. However, due to body pains and other conflicts, I’ll be down to around 50 hours, plus 7 from my other job. Some of these days were double-shifts, around 12-14 hours a day. […]

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Day 60

At Cracker Barrel, where I work, there are the managers, then there’s a position called “Shift Lead”, which is between a manager and a crew position. Ideally, they should know every position and be able to help out wherever needed when there’s a manager-type position needed. They aren’t allowed to do everything a manager can, […]

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Day 29

Ever since dining-in reopened at work four weeks ago, every Monday has felt insanely busy. Today was like the complete polar opposite. Perhaps it was because there was a trainee, hence an extra body. At any rate, it was a nice change and I was able to get most everything I needed to done early🤘. […]

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Day 22

It’s been a really long day, and it looks like tomorrow’s forecast isn’t much better. At work, today was a hell of a lot busier than yesterday, which was Father’s Day. Four cooks worked on Sunday, as it’s usually the busiest day of the week. Today there were two of us, and I feel like […]

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Day 17

I’m not sure where I should begin today. I worked my one day a week at Golden Corral today. Serving people cafeteria-style isn’t all that bad; the worst part for me is wearing a damned mask for the whole shift. Not only do my glasses fog up while wearing it, I have a hard time […]

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Day 16

Another Tuesday has come and gone. For you, it might be Taco Tuesday. Or, it could a different kind of Tuesday😏🤷‍♂️. I’ve done a few sorta “heavy” posts recently, citing different social issues taking place as of late. Today, I thought I’d keep things light, maybe funny. I haven’t mentioned work in a bit. Today […]

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