Busy Weekend

This weekend is exceptionally busy at work, and traffic in the area is a nightmare. That’s what happens when seemingly 10,000 things are scheduled around town on the same weekend.

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Labor Day

For those of you not working in retail or restaurants, your long Labor Day weekend is here. For those who are having a baby this weekend, it really is “labor day” for you😂! The goddamned infernal heat has returned this weekend, as if it were summer’s “last hurrah”. I guess if this weekend is considered […]

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Day 47

It’s Friday, and I’d say go celebrate, but many of you are back in a state of lockdown, so there’s nowhere to go. For those like me who work in the service industry (restaurants, retail), there is no such thing as weekends. Well, isn’t it interesting that, even during the formerly “normal” times, that thing […]

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Day 28

Hopefully your Sunday has been restful for those of you who work a “normal” schedule. For any of you who work weekends, hopefully your jobs weren’t too busy or stressful. I see all this conflicting crap about facemasks—one side says “oh, everyone has to wear one”, “you’re stupid and selfish if you don’t”. The other […]

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Day 13

Your Saturday helping of Preposterous Ponderings. If you enjoy what I write, could you click that like button and share? Many thanks in advance!

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