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  • Acquitted

    Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial came and went, and he was acquitted in the Senate of the charge of inciting the riot at the US Capitol on 01/06/21.

  • America Today

    Well, I guess the inevitable has happened. As much as Donald Trump was saying that the coronavirus was a hoax, that masks weren’t a big deal, it turns out he and his wife have both tested positive for it. Now they have to quarantine for the next two weeks. And this is probably the worst […]

  • Day 56

    Here we are on the last Sunday in July, almost into August, and before you know it, 2021 will be knocking on the door. Hopefully, when we enter to the other side of that door, things will be semi-normal once again. Of course, this is probably simply wishful thinking and things will just end up […]

  • Day 19

    When I went through the educational system as a youth, we learned about American history, and one of the things taught was about the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and how it freed the slaves. What I don’t remember them teaching was how it took until 19 June 1865 to reach Texas, and thus ended slavery […]