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  • [230] Police Presence

    [230] Police Presence

    Even if we’re doing nothing wrong, most people hate when a cop is nearby. Why is that?

  • Intentionally Accidental

    Intentionally Accidental

    Is it just me, or is traffic much worse than usual, and are people bigger assholes on the road? Are people more impatient, rude or careless these days? Or am I just imagining things?

  • Driving Stupidly

    Driving Stupidly

    When you’re out driving in traffic, have you ever wanted to just slap the shit out of the other drivers? I know traffic in many large cities is horrendous, but the people in southern Utah are a whole different breed. Many of them make me wish I drove a bumper car, so that I could […]

  • Traffic


    I’ve mentioned before in probably more than one of my Ray’s Rants of the Week posts how much I despise traffic. People are so damned stupid when they get behind the wheel🤦‍♂️. I’m not sure how some of these drivers got their licenses to begin with. Do they find them inside a cereal box or […]

  • Day 40

    Day 40

    I am back at home after my extremely quick trip to California. We drove to Arroyo Grande to get a transmission for my son’s Suburban. According to Google Maps, the shortest route was to go CA-58 past Tehachapi, then across the state down to our destination. NEVER WILL I TRAVEL THAT ROUTE AGAIN! I would […]