Driving Stupidly

When you’re out driving in traffic, have you ever wanted to just slap the shit out of the other drivers? I know traffic in many large cities is horrendous, but the people in southern Utah are a whole different breed. Many of them make me wish I drove a bumper car, so that I could […]

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I’ve mentioned before in probably more than one of my Ray’s Rants of the Week posts how much I despise traffic. People are so damned stupid when they get behind the wheel🤦‍♂️. I’m not sure how some of these drivers got their licenses to begin with. Do they find them inside a cereal box or […]

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Day 40

I am back at home after my extremely quick trip to California. We drove to Arroyo Grande to get a transmission for my son’s Suburban. According to Google Maps, the shortest route was to go CA-58 past Tehachapi, then across the state down to our destination. NEVER WILL I TRAVEL THAT ROUTE AGAIN! I would […]

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