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  • Busy Weekend

    Busy Weekend

    This weekend is exceptionally busy at work, and traffic in the area is a nightmare. That’s what happens when seemingly 10,000 things are scheduled around town on the same weekend.

  • ’Rona Thoughts

    ’Rona Thoughts

    So, I went to get the part for the oven I ordered last week. Turns out, it was a burner igniter, not the one for the oven🤦‍♂️. I found out that what I wanted was actually in stock; I could have just picked it up and went. I finally got the right part, and we’ve […]

  • Goodbye August

    Goodbye August

    Congratulations! We’ve reached the end of August. Eight months of this shit show called 2020 are over. Tomorrow is 01 Sept, and if you’ve forgotten, your rent is due. I have to pay mine this week. What can I say as final thoughts for this month? I guess it wasn’t a terrible month. The individual […]

  • Birthdays


    Today I took my daughter to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate her 21st birthday. She was happy to be able to order herself a margarita with her meal. Her original birthday plans fell through, as Las Vegas is mostly shut down, and her boyfriend is currently in another state. Nonetheless, she enjoyed her birthday. There’s something […]

  • Music


    I like listening to music when I’m driving in the car, especially on a long road trip. I also have it playing when I do some menial chores at home, like laundry. Occasionally, I’ll listen to some music when I’m in a mood. What kind of music? A little bit of everything—mostly rock, some country, […]

  • Work


    I must apologize for being inactive over the last few days. Work gave me a vicious schedule, originally scheduling me over 65 hours. However, due to body pains and other conflicts, I’ll be down to around 50 hours, plus 7 from my other job. Some of these days were double-shifts, around 12-14 hours a day. […]