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  • [213] Hotter Than Hell

    [213] Hotter Than Hell

    The current weather in the Southwest US feels like we’re in the tenth level of Hell. Temps over 100° suck, but combined with faulty A/C?🥵😵🏜

  • [212] For the Better

    [212] For the Better

    The road of life has curves and forks. What lies ahead is a mystery, and our choices determine the future. While results can be disastrous, some of those choices can actually be for the better.

  • [211] Disappointment

    [211] Disappointment

    Disappointments happen to everyone throughout life. Though they help to appreciate the good times, they are no less painful.

  • [210] Obstructions

    [210] Obstructions

    In some states, you can be pulled over and ticketed for simply having an air freshener hanging from your rear-view mirror. Can they really obstruct your view as a driver?

  • [208] Pronouns

    [208] Pronouns

    When and where did the myriad of accepted gender pronouns come to be? And when did we go from 2 genders to 50+? I guess I’m just out of touch

  • [207] Unmasked

    [207] Unmasked

    Mask mandates are ending and fully vaccinated people may begin ditching the mask. Unfortunately, everyone has an opinion about masks, and they insist on being right and making their points

  • [206] Musical Mayhem

    [206] Musical Mayhem

    My musical taste has evolved over the years, but I find myself kinda like my parents in terms of the newest music.

  • [204] Cinco de Mayo

    [204] Cinco de Mayo

    On this “Cinco de Mayo”, some think of tacos and alcohol, but I ponder about developments at work, my mental health struggles, and how far I’ve come in dealing with those struggles.

  • [203] April Update

    [203] April Update

    Just random thoughts to end the month of April.

  • [202] Text Message

    [202] Text Message

    The first text message was sent nearly 30 years ago. With smartphones and unlimited texting now ubiquitous, why do some people still use “text speak”?