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  • [215] Sci-Fi

    [215] Sci-Fi

    If you could have any sci-fi technology become reality, which would you choose?

  • [202] Text Message

    [202] Text Message

    The first text message was sent nearly 30 years ago. With smartphones and unlimited texting now ubiquitous, why do some people still use “text speak”?

  • Smartphone


    Smartphones are wonderful inventions. You carry what used to require dozens of devices in one unit in your pocket. You have a telephone, computer, typewriter, video camera, still camera, music player, radio (in some models), video player and much more in that one little device. You can browse the internet, connect with people around the […]

  • Technology


    Have you ever stopped to wonder how much technology has advanced in the few decades? Computers at one time used to take up entire rooms which had to have air conditioning to function, as they generated a lot of heat. Today, practically everyone carries a miniature computer in their pocket, in the form of a […]