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  • [234] Feeling Ill

    [234] Feeling Ill

    Everyone gets sick at some point in their lives. While I rarely get sick, I’m not invincible and I do manage somehow to catch a “bug”.

  • Nightmare


    Business is booming and work is crazy busy. Long shift plus stress equals horrible nightmares.

  • Corporate Visit😖

    Corporate Visit😖

    If you work in a place where corporate higher-ups visit, do you get stressed out about it, or do you just go about business as usual?

  • Hiatus


    I’m taking a break from my blogs for now. My imagination is fried with everything going on in my life. This isn’t goodbye; I’ll be back.

  • Hell


    I think it’s safe to say that everyone has, at least once, had a time where they were so worried about something or felt extremely guilty over something that it ate at their conscience and kept them up all night replaying over and over things in their minds. You know what I’m talking about. You […]