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  • “Social” Media?

    “Social” Media?

    It’s called social media, but in reality, most of what you see is not everyday life (you have to always look happy). It closes distances, but opens up close-by chasms. It’s a pond of happiness that can cause an ocean of depression.

  • Superficiality


    Many people don’t seem to be genuine anymore. Due to social media and broadcast media, people have become shallow and superficial

  • Changes


    Twenty-first century America is a country vastly different than it was, say 40 years ago. It’s different, not in terms of geography—all fifty states are still in the same place. Granted, the population has increased. But the whole political scene has changed. Not only that, people’s attitudes are substantially modified from where things used to […]

  • Day 55

    Day 55

    It’s the first Saturday I’ve worked since the beginning of all the shutdowns due to coronavirus, so it’s been roughly four months. It took a little getting used to, doing things a tad bit differently than before, new items and whatnot. All in all, it’s like riding a bike. With all the negativity out on […]