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  • [234] Feeling Ill

    [234] Feeling Ill

    Everyone gets sick at some point in their lives. While I rarely get sick, I’m not invincible and I do manage somehow to catch a “bug”.

  • Sick [And Tired]

    Sick [And Tired]

    I may have mentioned this before, but during the week of Thanksgiving, when I worked 60 hours, I wanted to just throw my right arm away. Right now, I’d kinda like to throw the whole body away. Okay, don’t come at me saying “Oh, but some people are much worse off than you!” I know […]

  • Day 28

    Day 28

    Hopefully your Sunday has been restful for those of you who work a “normal” schedule. For any of you who work weekends, hopefully your jobs weren’t too busy or stressful. I see all this conflicting crap about facemasks—one side says “oh, everyone has to wear one”, “you’re stupid and selfish if you don’t”. The other […]