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  • [219] Road Trip

    [219] Road Trip

    Road trips can be fun. When they are long and super-quick, they can be exhausting and hellacious.

  • Day 40

    Day 40

    I am back at home after my extremely quick trip to California. We drove to Arroyo Grande to get a transmission for my son’s Suburban. According to Google Maps, the shortest route was to go CA-58 past Tehachapi, then across the state down to our destination. NEVER WILL I TRAVEL THAT ROUTE AGAIN! I would […]

  • Day 38

    Day 38

    Today is the 190th day of 2020. One hundred seventy-six days remain in this year’s hell. Have you ever called out of work, not because you were sick, but you were hurting physically? That was me today. I almost never call out of work, unless I’m so sick I can’t even get out of bed. […]