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  • [203] April Update

    [203] April Update

    Just random thoughts to end the month of April.

  • What Day is It?

    What Day is It?

    Since the pandemic began, people have had to quarantine and lockdown, and as such, seem to have lost all track of time. What day is today? I don’t even know anymore!

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    Today is Sunday, 04 Oct. It’s the first Sunday in October, and today is the 278th day of the year, meaning there are 88 days left in the year. A little over 12 weeks remain until the calendar turns to 2021. What can I say? I’m really not in an imaginative frame of mind right […]

  • Writer’s Block

    Writer’s Block

    I am just an amateur writer. I do it as a form of mental health therapy. I am in no way an illustrious blogger with thousands of followers (my Ray’s Rants of the Week blog hasn’t even quite gotten to 100), and I really don’t do it to make anything off from it. However, there […]

  • Day 37

    Day 37

    It’s strange to think that thirteen years ago, everyone was excited because of the triple-numbered “lucky” date, 07/07/07. What is it about numbers that get people’s attention? Why is 13 considered an unlucky number? So much so that there’s an actual name for the fear of the number 1️⃣3️⃣: triskaidekaphobia. Is it due to the […]