[200] On Trial

The death of George Floyd in 2020 resulted in riots, like the release of a pressure cooker. The former officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck was on trial recently, and found guilty.

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Racist Scum

Despite what some want to believe, racism is still very prevalent in society. Now, there’s a renewed increase in Asian hate crimes. What’s up with that?

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Day 11

Recent events in the United States have me thinking a little about the whole deal of racism and inequality. Throughout history, black people have been degraded and used as slaves. Though great strides have been made to equalize things, sadly, many people are still treated as second-class citizens because of their skin color. In modern […]

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Day 03

After a relatively boring day at Golden Corral, I see that the other three cops involved with the George Floyd death have been charged, as well as Chauvin’s charges being upgraded to second-degree murder, as well as his bail doubled. It’s not as far as I would like to see (first-degree would be ideal), but […]

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