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  • Masks, Revisited

    Utah’s mask mandate ended a week ago, but some places still require them. Masks are loved or hated. They’re slowly going away, but they won’t go without a fight.

  • _______ Lives Matter

    Does the Black Lives Matter group think black lives are the only ones that matter? Do anyone else’s lives matter?

  • Day 33

    Tomorrow is Independence Day in the United States. It’s the day we commemorate our independence from Britain back in 1776. Many people call the US “the land of the free, home of the brave”. But, are we truly free? Are citizens of the United States truly a “free people”? Yes, there are things we can […]

  • Day 08

    Ponderings for 08 June 2020, about my work day and the continued police brutality protests

  • Day 03

    After a relatively boring day at Golden Corral, I see that the other three cops involved with the George Floyd death have been charged, as well as Chauvin’s charges being upgraded to second-degree murder, as well as his bail doubled. It’s not as far as I would like to see (first-degree would be ideal), but […]