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  • The Greatest?

    The Greatest?

    We’re barely two weeks into the year, and it’s already proven to be quite the doozy. Coronavirus still runs rampant with the constant daily media “reminders” (read: scare tactics) of how many people have been infected or dying. Idiotic Trump supporters rioted and stormed the Capitol last week, resulting in 5 deaths. Another result was […]

  • The Election

    The Election

    The presidential election seems to have matched the motif of the whole of 2020: a huge shit show

  • Day 31

    Day 31

    Welcome to July. You might say we’ve reached Jumanji level 7. What will this month bring to us next? As far as Utah’s primary election, for President, the Republican vote was overwhelmingly in favor of Trump. The Democrat vote, interestingly enough, went not for Biden, but for Bernie Sanders. Utah usually votes Republican, so more […]

  • Day 29

    Day 29

    Ever since dining-in reopened at work four weeks ago, every Monday has felt insanely busy. Today was like the complete polar opposite. Perhaps it was because there was a trainee, hence an extra body. At any rate, it was a nice change and I was able to get most everything I needed to done early🤘. […]