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  • [212] For the Better

    [212] For the Better

    The road of life has curves and forks. What lies ahead is a mystery, and our choices determine the future. While results can be disastrous, some of those choices can actually be for the better.

  • [209] Weirdness

    [209] Weirdness

    The last 7-10 days have been kinda weird. Everything seems out of whack. Most things are strange, others totally welcome.

  • Still Quarantined😞

    Still Quarantined😞

    Quarantining due to coronavirus is a test of everyone’s patience and endurance, even someone as highly introverted as myself.

  • Accomplishment


    I have worked in many a job where the management was always negative. No matter how hard you worked, nothing was good enough—something was always lacking or substandard in their eyes. It was such a toxic environment, thinking back, and I’m glad I no longer work at those places. No place of work is perfect. […]