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  • [222] 20 Years After 9/11

    Though the 9/11 attacks happened 20 years ago, it seems like just yesterday to many people. What were you doing at that moment?

  • Buffet

    Today’s post brought to you by an online random word generator. Coincidentally, I work in a buffet—Golden Corral. I started working there a little over a year ago; nearly 14 months now. The once-booming business has slowed down dramatically and the concept has had to change in that time. I blame the pandemic for all […]

  • Day 07

    Post for 07 June 2020

  • Day 05

    Here we are, the first Friday of June. Let’s see, what’s going on? The governor of Utah has decided not to lower any part of the state to the “normal” risk level for coronavirus. Some cite the increase in new cases. Others are just plain scared like Chicken Little. While it is prudent to take […]