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  • [200] On Trial

    [200] On Trial

    The death of George Floyd in 2020 resulted in riots, like the release of a pressure cooker. The former officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck was on trial recently, and found guilty.

  • Day 14

    Day 14

    Your new work week begins tomorrow. Next Sunday is Father’s Day. So if you haven’t got your dad a gift yet, you have a week to get him one! In case you didn’t see the news, the two missing kids from Idaho were finally found; unfortunately, they were found dead. The bitch of their mother […]

  • Day 03

    Day 03

    After a relatively boring day at Golden Corral, I see that the other three cops involved with the George Floyd death have been charged, as well as Chauvin’s charges being upgraded to second-degree murder, as well as his bail doubled. It’s not as far as I would like to see (first-degree would be ideal), but […]

  • Day 01

    Day 01

    Day 01 of “Preposterous Ponderings”