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  • [220] Relapse?

    [220] Relapse?

    I unintentionally took a two-month break from this blog, but I’m attempting to get back into my normal routine again…

  • [204] Cinco de Mayo

    [204] Cinco de Mayo

    On this “Cinco de Mayo”, some think of tacos and alcohol, but I ponder about developments at work, my mental health struggles, and how far I’ve come in dealing with those struggles.

  • Hiatus


    I’m taking a break from my blogs for now. My imagination is fried with everything going on in my life. This isn’t goodbye; I’ll be back.

  • Stereotypes


    The world and the American way of life are all geared toward extroversion. According to life’s unwritten rules, everyone must be active and outgoing. People should be social butterflies and love being in the “great outdoors”, camping, fishing, etc. Society dictates than in a dating scenario, men should always make the first move; men should […]

  • Mental Health

    Mental Health

    Sitting here, eating my dinner consisting of gloriously nutritious🙄 Arby’s sandwiches, I saw on my personal Instagram feed that today is National Mental Health Day. I guess it’s kinda fitting for me, seeing as how I have struggled with my mental health for the longest time. I know I’ve told my story numerous times, but […]

  • Depression


    Today was my one day off of work from both jobs. It was also the first day of school. My youngest started 6th grade today, and my other two boys were working, so the house was eerily quiet. Things started decently, but later on, there was a bit of drama in the house, and some […]