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  • Division


    There has always been some kind of division in this country, be it racial, ethnic, monetary, sexual, religious, or a myriad of other ways. There are those who would really like to see more unity, everyone getting along, but they are, unfortunately, few and far between. Especially in government, they look for any possible way […]

  • Day 30

    Day 30

    Six months of the year have officially passed. Six more months lay ahead. Let us hope the next six months are much less eventful than the last six were. We don’t need any more pandemic drama. We don’t need more lockdowns and quarantines. People need to go out and about, doing things and helping boost […]

  • Day 11

    Day 11

    Recent events in the United States have me thinking a little about the whole deal of racism and inequality. Throughout history, black people have been degraded and used as slaves. Though great strides have been made to equalize things, sadly, many people are still treated as second-class citizens because of their skin color. In modern […]