[207] Unmasked

Mask mandates are ending and fully vaccinated people may begin ditching the mask. Unfortunately, everyone has an opinion about masks, and they insist on being right and making their points

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Masks, Revisited

Utah’s mask mandate ended a week ago, but some places still require them. Masks are loved or hated. They’re slowly going away, but they won’t go without a fight.

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Goodbye August

Congratulations! We’ve reached the end of August. Eight months of this shit show called 2020 are over. Tomorrow is 01 Sept, and if you’ve forgotten, your rent is due. I have to pay mine this week. What can I say as final thoughts for this month? I guess it wasn’t a terrible month. The individual […]

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Day 46

It was like 22:00 last night when I realized I hadn’t made my post yet. However, with the Internet at the house being the bitch it is, and Infowest not coming until Tuesday, I’m stuck with my mobile data and hotspot. It’s not as fast as my normal LTE, but it works to do my […]

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Day 28

Hopefully your Sunday has been restful for those of you who work a “normal” schedule. For any of you who work weekends, hopefully your jobs weren’t too busy or stressful. I see all this conflicting crap about facemasks—one side says “oh, everyone has to wear one”, “you’re stupid and selfish if you don’t”. The other […]

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Day 26

It’s the last Friday of the month. Are you happy about it, or do you really even care anymore? Dinner tonight was really bomb, in my opinion. I made my take on chicken enchiladas again: shredded chicken, cream cheese, taco seasoning and green chiles, topped with cheddar cheese and green sauce. This time, I added […]

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Day 24

We have reached the last Wednesday of June. How is it we are one week away from the second half of the year? It completely defies logic to me. Something else that defies logic is how Trump wants to cut federal funding for coronavirus testing places. Yes, we’re having a spike in case numbers, but […]

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Day 17

I’m not sure where I should begin today. I worked my one day a week at Golden Corral today. Serving people cafeteria-style isn’t all that bad; the worst part for me is wearing a damned mask for the whole shift. Not only do my glasses fog up while wearing it, I have a hard time […]

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