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  • [207] Unmasked

    [207] Unmasked

    Mask mandates are ending and fully vaccinated people may begin ditching the mask. Unfortunately, everyone has an opinion about masks, and they insist on being right and making their points

  • Masks, Revisited

    Masks, Revisited

    Utah’s mask mandate ended a week ago, but some places still require them. Masks are loved or hated. They’re slowly going away, but they won’t go without a fight.

  • Restarting the Cycle

    Restarting the Cycle

    What should I write about today? What seems to pique my interest? The governor of Utah has declared a statewide mask mandate, due to the apparent spike in positive coronavirus infections. Not deaths, just people who have caught it. Extracurricular school activities are on hold until just before Thanksgiving. So what happens after that? Are […]

  • Day 52

    Day 52

    It’s really a weird feeling that ten days from now will be the first day of August. Can anyone please explain where the hell time goes? March of this year seemed to just drag and last an eternity. After that, time has returned to its incredibly ridiculous pace. I’m going to try something different here […]

  • Day 40

    Day 40

    I am back at home after my extremely quick trip to California. We drove to Arroyo Grande to get a transmission for my son’s Suburban. According to Google Maps, the shortest route was to go CA-58 past Tehachapi, then across the state down to our destination. NEVER WILL I TRAVEL THAT ROUTE AGAIN! I would […]