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  • Any Reason?

    Any Reason?

    Is there a good, valid, scientific reason behind shuttering outdoor restaurant dining, while other hotspots remain open? Was 2020 a warm-up for something huge?

  • Day 47

    It’s Friday, and I’d say go celebrate, but many of you are back in a state of lockdown, so there’s nowhere to go. For those like me who work in the service industry (restaurants, retail), there is no such thing as weekends. Well, isn’t it interesting that, even during the formerly “normal” times, that thing […]

  • Day 28

    Day 28

    Hopefully your Sunday has been restful for those of you who work a “normal” schedule. For any of you who work weekends, hopefully your jobs weren’t too busy or stressful. I see all this conflicting crap about facemasks—one side says “oh, everyone has to wear one”, “you’re stupid and selfish if you don’t”. The other […]

  • Day 24

    We have reached the last Wednesday of June. How is it we are one week away from the second half of the year? It completely defies logic to me. Something else that defies logic is how Trump wants to cut federal funding for coronavirus testing places. Yes, we’re having a spike in case numbers, but […]