Tag: idiots

  • Crap-for-Brains


    Some people are dumber than a box of rocks; if some of these dimwits used their brains, they’d be dangerous!

  • Stupidity


    You don’t realize just how many stupid and/or petty people there are in this world, until you work in a restaurant or retail setting. If you searched stupid customers, you’ll find a wealth of stories from retail workers, servers, fast food people and all other branches of dealing with the public. Let me tell you […]

  • Traffic


    I’ve mentioned before in probably more than one of my Ray’s Rants of the Week posts how much I despise traffic. People are so damned stupid when they get behind the wheel🤦‍♂️. I’m not sure how some of these drivers got their licenses to begin with. Do they find them inside a cereal box or […]