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  • [205] Mother’s Day

    [205] Mother’s Day

    The second Sunday of May in the United States is designated as Mother’s Day. Though you should remember your mom every day, it’s one day dedicated to her.

  • Happy Holidays?

    Happy Holidays?

    Christmas is in two days, which means next Friday we are out of this wretched shit show known as 2020, of which hopefully no one will speak of ever again. As much of a shit show 2016 was, 2020 has that year beat. Less than ten days remain in this hell hole. On top of […]

  • Soon Free🙆

    Soon Free🙆

    Undoubtedly you’ve experienced this before: how long a minute lasts depends upon which side of the bathroom door you’re on. When you’re the one in the bathroom, a minute is quick. If you’re the unlucky soul doing the potty dance, about to pee your pants, a minute seems to take forever. Having to be quarantined, […]