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  • Day 30

    Six months of the year have officially passed. Six more months lay ahead. Let us hope the next six months are much less eventful than the last six were. We don’t need any more pandemic drama. We don’t need more lockdowns and quarantines. People need to go out and about, doing things and helping boost […]

  • Day 27

    It is Saturday and we find ourselves almost exactly halfway through the year. Being at this point of the year, the heat is miserable outside; thank heavens it’s not humid and nasty like in the East and Deep South🥵. Oh, joy, there’s a wind warning for us until Sunday night💨. I guess this city ain’t […]

  • Day 15

    Here we are, halfway through June, on what seems like a runaway freight train going downhill without brakes. In the last few days, five black people have been found hanged to death around the country. One thing that bothers me is that, from what I’ve read, all five are being called suicides. One, maybe two, […]