The Body Mystical

Before I begin, a couple of quick things. First, since quitting Golden Corral, I actually have two days off from work this week. It’ll be a nice change, though I will miss the meager paychecks I was receiving. I mean, $300/month isn’t chump change. Second, today would have been my dad’s 88th birthday. He passed […]

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Coffee & Drink Sharing

Today is 06 Sept 2020. Today is National Coffee Ice Cream Day. Gross. You might like ice cream that tastes like coffee, but not me. I absolutely cannot stand the taste of coffee. It doesn’t matter how much creamer, sugar, flavors or anything else you add to it. I can always sense the aftertaste of […]

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I decided to go consult a random word generator online to give me an idea for today’s post, and after a few different words, I came across “mold”. Different things come to mind when I think of this word. The first one is a mold for creating something. You cast material, such as plaster, wax […]

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