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  • The “Jackass” Effect

    The “Jackass” Effect

    Democrats control Congress and the Presidency, basically the whole of the government. Some good things come out, like more stimulus money, but mostly bad, like spiking gas prices

  • Day 44

    Day 44

    It’s almost the middle of July. Don’t forget tomorrow is the deadline to file your taxes, if you haven’t already. Everything is so out-of-whack this year that even the tax-filing deadline was pushed back from April to July. Usually you hear of California burning to the ground in summer. This year, it’s Utah that’s on […]

  • Day 33

    Day 33

    Tomorrow is Independence Day in the United States. It’s the day we commemorate our independence from Britain back in 1776. Many people call the US “the land of the free, home of the brave”. But, are we truly free? Are citizens of the United States truly a “free people”? Yes, there are things we can […]