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  • Happy Holidays?

    Happy Holidays?

    Christmas is in two days, which means next Friday we are out of this wretched shit show known as 2020, of which hopefully no one will speak of ever again. As much of a shit show 2016 was, 2020 has that year beat. Less than ten days remain in this hell hole. On top of […]

  • Bittersweet


    For several years now, October is a bittersweet month for me. It is the month of Halloween—all the Halloween candies go on sale 01 Nov. Gimme all the Reese’s and Kit Kats! That’s one of the positives. Now, I only have one job to deal with, so I will be free to get overtime whenever […]

  • Pets


    Most people have some kind of pet. Mostly those pets are dogs or cats. Some have other animals, like pot-bellied pigs, geese, snakes, birds, or some other animal. For many of these pet owners, for example dog owners, don’t see that dog as just a pet or just an animal. For them, it’s a part […]