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  • [228] Holiday Dread

    [228] Holiday Dread

    Though the cooler weather of fall is welcome, there are things about the end of the year that I absolutely dread

  • Christmas Day

    Christmas Day

    Congratulations! We made it to Christmas Day; there’s only one more week of this miserable year. It was a simple day for me and my kids. This is kinda how my day went.

  • Day Off & Cooking

    Day Off & Cooking

    Today, being a day off from work, I got laundry caught up and cooked some stuff. My last day off was 12 days ago, as I requested my birthday off. I’d say it was well-deserved. Since tomorrow is the big day of my daughter’s move, I decided to write her a letter describing my sentiments. […]

  • Dinner


    Since going back to work full time at the end of July, I’ve been putting in a full 40 hours (or more) every week. As I had spent the four prior months either not working at all or part-time, due to the pandemic and shutdowns, I have grown somewhat unaccustomed to working many hours or […]

  • Day 26

    Day 26

    It’s the last Friday of the month. Are you happy about it, or do you really even care anymore? Dinner tonight was really bomb, in my opinion. I made my take on chicken enchiladas again: shredded chicken, cream cheese, taco seasoning and green chiles, topped with cheddar cheese and green sauce. This time, I added […]