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  • Day 22

    Day 22

    It’s been a really long day, and it looks like tomorrow’s forecast isn’t much better. At work, today was a hell of a lot busier than yesterday, which was Father’s Day. Four cooks worked on Sunday, as it’s usually the busiest day of the week. Today there were two of us, and I feel like […]

  • Day 09

    Day 09

    Today is Tuesday, the 161st day of the year. I guess this month, so far so good. Only 205 more days to survive in the 2020 hellhole. I probably sound like a broken record, but why in the hell do people equate Cracker Barrel with breakfast🤔? Even in the afternoon, I still have tons of […]

  • Day 08

    Day 08

    Ponderings for 08 June 2020, about my work day and the continued police brutality protests

  • Day 07

    Day 07

    Post for 07 June 2020