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  • [201] Side Effects

    [201] Side Effects

    The coronavirus vaccine, like all drugs, has its side effects. They’re worse for some than others. Here I lay out what I experienced with my two-dose Moderna vaccine.

  • Worth a Shot

    Worth a Shot

    People worry about the coronavirus vaccine being related to the Biblical “Mark of the Beast”. Am I worried? Yeah, right. Also, should I take a stab at turning my posts into podcast format?

  • Still Quarantined😞

    Still Quarantined😞

    Quarantining due to coronavirus is a test of everyone’s patience and endurance, even someone as highly introverted as myself.

  • Under Quarantine

    Under Quarantine

    Anyone is susceptible to catching the coronavirus–one of my sons just did, and my turn to test is coming. Don’t think it can’t happen to you, and don’t be an “anti-mask” dumbfuck!

  • Day 43

    Day 43

    I sit here in my room with my crappy home WiFi, realizing I forgot to post yesterday. So, I guess I’ll have to make up for it today. Speaking of shitty WiFi, if you live in an area serviced by TDS, I beg you to reconsider going with them. I don’t know about where you […]

  • Day 26

    Day 26

    It’s the last Friday of the month. Are you happy about it, or do you really even care anymore? Dinner tonight was really bomb, in my opinion. I made my take on chicken enchiladas again: shredded chicken, cream cheese, taco seasoning and green chiles, topped with cheddar cheese and green sauce. This time, I added […]

  • Day 24

    We have reached the last Wednesday of June. How is it we are one week away from the second half of the year? It completely defies logic to me. Something else that defies logic is how Trump wants to cut federal funding for coronavirus testing places. Yes, we’re having a spike in case numbers, but […]