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  • Day Off & Cooking

    Day Off & Cooking

    Today, being a day off from work, I got laundry caught up and cooked some stuff. My last day off was 12 days ago, as I requested my birthday off. I’d say it was well-deserved. Since tomorrow is the big day of my daughter’s move, I decided to write her a letter describing my sentiments. […]

  • Dinner


    Since going back to work full time at the end of July, I’ve been putting in a full 40 hours (or more) every week. As I had spent the four prior months either not working at all or part-time, due to the pandemic and shutdowns, I have grown somewhat unaccustomed to working many hours or […]

  • Day 35

    Day 35

    Am I the only one who has a kid that is either too lazy to fix their own food, flat-out refuses to, or will forego eating because no one made it for them? I have a kid like that. This kid will bug me to no end to make food either until I relent and […]