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  • The Greatest?

    The Greatest?

    We’re barely two weeks into the year, and it’s already proven to be quite the doozy. Coronavirus still runs rampant with the constant daily media “reminders” (read: scare tactics) of how many people have been infected or dying. Idiotic Trump supporters rioted and stormed the Capitol last week, resulting in 5 deaths. Another result was […]

  • America Today

    America Today

    Well, I guess the inevitable has happened. As much as Donald Trump was saying that the coronavirus was a hoax, that masks weren’t a big deal, it turns out he and his wife have both tested positive for it. Now they have to quarantine for the next two weeks. And this is probably the worst […]

  • Day 53

    Day 53

    If I could, I would love to go on a really long road trip, or travel to some other country to get away from mundane life for a bit. It’s a good thing for me, in this case, that I’m broke as fuck and don’t have the means to travel. At the moment, we really […]