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  • [218] The Fourth

    [218] The Fourth

    The Fourth of July is over; school resumes next month. It’s also hotter than the very fires of hell.

  • Day 48

    Day 48

    🎶It’s four o’clock on a Saturday…okay, bad take on Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”. It’s probably the last Saturday I’ll have off work for a while. Next Friday is the 24th of July, a day that in Utah has been dubbed “Pioneer Day”, as it is a celebration of when the Mormon settlers arrived in the […]

  • Day 34

    Day 34

    Today is the day many Americans celebrate the anniversary of the country’s independence from the British crown. Of course, for many it’s just a day of fireworks and barbeques; the spirit of the day is lost on a lot of these folks. For others, there’s hardly a reason to celebrate. One thing I wish we […]

  • Day 33

    Day 33

    Tomorrow is Independence Day in the United States. It’s the day we commemorate our independence from Britain back in 1776. Many people call the US “the land of the free, home of the brave”. But, are we truly free? Are citizens of the United States truly a “free people”? Yes, there are things we can […]