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  • [233] End of Year

    [233] End of Year

    I’ve been “offline” for two months, dealing with things in my private life. I update what I’ve been doing in that time

  • A New Year

    A New Year

    We survived 2020. It’s history, and now we face 2021. One would hope that it won’t be another shit-show dumpster fire. Cross your fingers!

  • More to Come?

    More to Come?

    We’ve made it to the final month of the year. People keep joking about how each month of the year is like a new level of Jumanji, and they hope that in 31 days things will somehow magically return to normal. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening, especially when 20 days after that, we will […]

  • Time’s Passage

    Time’s Passage

    How is it we’re almost to the end of August already? Two days from now is the beginning of September😱 (“level 9 of Jumanji”?🤔). Holy buckets. Though the year has been a huge shit show, every month seemingly worse than the previous one—and March/April feeling like they lasted twelve years—we’re just about two-thirds of the […]