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  • [225] Lessons From 2020

    [225] Lessons From 2020

    The pandemic of 2020 and surrounding happenings should have taught everyone some lessons, but not everyone is willing to learn

  • If 2020 Was…

    If 2020 Was…

    This year has definitely been an interesting one…oh, who am kidding? 2020 has been one huge shit show. I’m sure you’ve seen the memes describing the year. To think, we still have 40 days to endure before we ring in 2021, even though my personal opinion is that things are going to get much worse. […]

  • Baseball


    Ugh. In trying to get my weekly Rants post for Sunday ready and scheduled, I almost forgot to write one here for today. Honestly, I also got distracted by YouTube, watching clips from previous World Series games, for example, hearing Vin Scully’s call of the end of 1988’s game 1. Which leads me to think […]