Fun & Games

Just about everyone living now has had some experience with a video game. Some may have only seen them. Others play casually; still others are full-blown gamers, with their computers and accessories that they’ve literally spent thousands on. There are many ways to play, as well. You have your PC games, mobile games on phone […]

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Under Quarantine

Anyone is susceptible to catching the coronavirus–one of my sons just did, and my turn to test is coming. Don’t think it can’t happen to you, and don’t be an “anti-mask” dumbfuck!

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Sick [And Tired]

I may have mentioned this before, but during the week of Thanksgiving, when I worked 60 hours, I wanted to just throw my right arm away. Right now, I’d kinda like to throw the whole body away. Okay, don’t come at me saying “Oh, but some people are much worse off than you!” I know […]

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Whenever I sit and try to write something, I like to think about something I haven’t written about yet. I don’t want to seem like I’m just rehashing the same subjects repeatedly. At the same time, I want what I write to be relevant to the day(s) I write. If this were a political blog, […]

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Self-care is something I’ve neglected most of my adult life, and I’m just beginning to realize how sometimes I have to put myself before others once in a while.

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“Bad” Words

Why are some words put into a category of “bad” or “inappropriate”, when they’re just words? Who assigned certain context to make a word “good” or “bad”?

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More to Come?

We’ve made it to the final month of the year. People keep joking about how each month of the year is like a new level of Jumanji, and they hope that in 31 days things will somehow magically return to normal. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening, especially when 20 days after that, we will […]

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Any Reason?

Is there a good, valid, scientific reason behind shuttering outdoor restaurant dining, while other hotspots remain open? Was 2020 a warm-up for something huge?

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