Pranks a Lot!

The first day of April is known as April Fools Day, but we don’t need any pranks this year. Reality is definitely stranger than fiction, and you just can’t write some of the shit going on!

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Friday sure felt like a goddamned Monday this week. If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have had any luck at all. Dammit, Murphy! Your law sucks!

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Worth a Shot

People worry about the coronavirus vaccine being related to the Biblical “Mark of the Beast”. Am I worried? Yeah, right.
Also, should I take a stab at turning my posts into podcast format?

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Racist Scum

Despite what some want to believe, racism is still very prevalent in society. Now, there’s a renewed increase in Asian hate crimes. What’s up with that?

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Pi(e) Day

Every year, the days of 10 Mar and 14 Mar have a sort-of cult following, for being Mario Day (MAR10) and Pi Day (3.14).

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What Day is It?

Since the pandemic began, people have had to quarantine and lockdown, and as such, seem to have lost all track of time. What day is today? I don’t even know anymore!

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