Any Reason?

Is there a good, valid, scientific reason behind shuttering outdoor restaurant dining, while other hotspots remain open? Was 2020 a warm-up for something huge?

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If 2020 Was…

This year has definitely been an interesting one…oh, who am kidding? 2020 has been one huge shit show. I’m sure you’ve seen the memes describing the year. To think, we still have 40 days to endure before we ring in 2021, even though my personal opinion is that things are going to get much worse. […]

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I’m actually just dropping by to mention that since next week is Thanksgiving week, my job is going to be taking a lot of my time and attention. I’m scheduled to work 61 hours between Saturday, 11/21 and Friday, 11/27. I may or may not be able to post things every day, but I’ll do […]

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The world and the American way of life are all geared toward extroversion. According to life’s unwritten rules, everyone must be active and outgoing. People should be social butterflies and love being in the “great outdoors”, camping, fishing, etc. Society dictates than in a dating scenario, men should always make the first move; men should […]

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Manager, Please!

If you’ve followed either of my blogs for the last couple of weeks or so, you know that I received something of a promotion recently—that of a “shift lead” position. It’s kind of a manager position without quite all the responsibilities. One nice thing I’ve noticed is that I’m not usually tied down to any […]

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For the longest time, I was my home internet access through TDS Telecom, as I also had my TV through them. In the beginning, it wasn’t bad, but after a while, my bill kept going up and up—it got to nearly $250/month for both. And the TV wasn’t even good. My upstairs TV would hardly […]

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Many people enjoy milk. Some can’t tolerate it. Others can’t stand it.
What’s the big deal about milk anyway?

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I think it’s safe to say that everyone has, at least once, had a time where they were so worried about something or felt extremely guilty over something that it ate at their conscience and kept them up all night replaying over and over things in their minds. You know what I’m talking about. You […]

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