Let it Snow

While southern Utah feels like it’s perpetually under a warm, dry dome, seemingly half the country, including Texas are freezing their asses off.

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Minimum Wage

The federal minimum wage has been the same since 2009, however the buying power of that wage has fallen since 1968. Then there are servers who have been paid a minimum of $2.13 since 1991.

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“Social” Media?

It’s called social media, but in reality, most of what you see is not everyday life (you have to always look happy). It closes distances, but opens up close-by chasms. It’s a pond of happiness that can cause an ocean of depression.

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Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial came and went, and he was acquitted in the Senate of the charge of inciting the riot at the US Capitol on 01/06/21.

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Busy Weekend

This weekend is exceptionally busy at work, and traffic in the area is a nightmare. That’s what happens when seemingly 10,000 things are scheduled around town on the same weekend.

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I’m taking a break from my blogs for now. My imagination is fried with everything going on in my life. This isn’t goodbye; I’ll be back.

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