Back toward the end of March 2020, when all hell was breaking loose with the coronavirus and its spread, my jobs put me out of work for a while. I then challenged myself to write something on a daily basis, sort of like a journal for the readers of my blog, and whomever else desired to know about my daily activities. I started out calling it “Quarantine Files”. That lasted about six weeks. Once I was recalled to work, albeit for a few hours, I continued writing, but changing the name to “After the Quarantine”.

Once the first of June came about, more and more places were re-opening and/or loosening restrictions, so After the Quarantine seemed to not make sense anymore. I puzzled for a name, something catchy. I came to settle upon the alliteration “Preposterous Ponderings of a Perpetually Perplexed Person.” I see myself as in a constant state of confusion, and sometimes my thoughts are really random and strange, so the name seemed to fit, even though it’s quite long. Here is where I will be posting these daily blurbs, as well as on my Facebook and Instagram feeds.

The regular Ray’s Rants of the Week blog updates every Sunday, around midnight (00:00), US Mountain Daylight Time (adjust for your time zone).

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