[231] Scam Alert!

Lately on social media, several individuals have contacted me claiming they’re a Powerball winner or they’re some kind of philanthropist organization, wanting to send me large sums of money, or some kind of weekly payment, as well as other gifts. Honestly, if someone were willing to gift me thousands of dollars, I would accept, as I have many things I could use the money on, like car repairs, dental work, paying debts, etc.

Sadly, these entities have all proven to be nothing more than scammers, trying to disguise themselves in order to steal. One such person told me they’d be making “weekly mobile check deposits” to my account. All they’d need from me is my online banking credentials (username and password). Uh-huh. Big red flag right there. You don’t need to be getting access to my bank account like that.

Another one contacted me on Instagram, and said they’d send me $50,000, if I paid the $100 “courier fee” to receive it. If you’re gonna send me money like that, pay for it, then deduct it from what you’d give me. No one of good repute will require someone to pay ahead of time to receive a gift or donation.

Most recently, I received a message on Twitter from a profile that claims to be affiliated with a well-known philanthropist and millionaire. The real person sends money via CashApp, and not to anyone’s bank accounts. He files the appropriate paperwork with the IRS for the recipient to pay the required taxes when they file, and does not require any form of prior payment. This “entity” that contacted me, as I said, claims affiliation with this person, and uses the same profile picture as a different, but real charitable organization. They say they’ll send me a large sum of cash as well as a new car, but I’d have to pay a portion of the taxes, which would be reimbursed. Okay, big red flags here. Firstly, a new car and lots of money? Sounds too good to be true—you know that old saying, right? Second, that Twitter profile was created just three months ago, in July 2021 and only has two tweets. I created my profile 11 years ago and have made about 2500 tweets. Yeah, I don’t use it much. But this other profile, it seems suspicious. Third, pay taxes ahead of time, and get reimbursed? Any reputable organization will not do that, but will file the IRS paperwork (I think a Form 1099) and you pay at tax time. I went back and forth with them for a few days, checking what they messaged me. Today, I called them out on the taxes thing, about taxes being paid at tax time. A few hours after my last message, I checked my inbox, and I was informed that they had blocked me. There you go, proof that these people were just another set of scammers.

If someone legitimately wishes to help me out financially, I’m all for it. I have a PayPal , Venmo and CashApp, and they can send me something that way. I’m not giving out my social security number or bank account password to anyone I don’t know. Also, experts warn that having to pay money prior to receiving a grant or prize is highly indicative of a scam. I’m just glad that, though I could use extra cash, I’m not in dire straits at the moment. (By the way, if you feel inclined to donate a little something, email me at raysrantsoftheweek@gmail.com, and I will give you the needed account info).

This quote is what scammers probably believe of the general public:

“It’s morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money.”

W. C. Fields

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