[223] To Vax or Not to Vax?

With the never-ending talk in the news about the coronavirus epidemic, protection, cures, vaccines, etc., that some people still insist on going against the grain, vehemently refusing to heed experts’ advice and opinions, and try anything their anointed leaders profess as fact.

This goes for both ends of the political spectrum. On the left, just because Joe Biden or some other political figure says “get your vaccine, wear a mask, do this or that”, some will blindly do whatever they say. If they were told that the only way to defeat the pandemic were to bury themselves alive, they’d do it. The other side is even loonier in many ways. Shit, in 2020, Trump was telling people to inject bleach into their arms and to use that hydroxychloroquine, and now some right-wing wackos are telling people that some horse dewormer is the magical cure. What’s next? Telling people to go back and swallow some Tide Pods🤣? They might die, but at least their bloodstreams will be clean!

Seriously, though, what people need here in the 21st century is a dose of common sense, as a vaccine for the stupidity that now runs rampant. People in 2021 don’t seem to want to do the hard legwork of doing their own research and listening to the real health experts about all the virus information. They want everything spoon-fed to them. If they don’t see it on ABC, NBC or any of the other alphabet-media, hey ignore it. Of course, you’ve got many people on the right who think that if Sean Hannity and Fox News said it, it must be gospel. I can’t use Rush Limbaugh anymore, because he’s dead.

Admittedly, most information you see out there is politically biased in one way or another, and it’s damn near impossible to find real, unbiased reporting anymore. Very few sources report the actual news, not blame it on this, that or the other. Don’t even get me started on these people who base everything they read on social media! Facebook and Twitter are the absolute worst places to get any information about anything. There’s about as much truth on social media as there is in any given article on The Onion. As for me, if I see something on Facebook, I assume it’s either a hilarious meme or just a crock of bullshit.

Now, haters might come to me and say that I’m a sheep because I got my corona vaccinations. I did get my two doses of Moderna back in March/April 2021. My two younger boys got their vaccinations, and my daughter got hers in August. I checked out the information about the vaccines and weighed the pros and cons. I decided that it was in my interest to get vaccinated. I shared my thoughts with my kids, and three of them got their vaccines. My oldest boy, who is 19, has declined to get the shots. He has been given advice about it, but I refuse to shame him. He’s a legal adult, and it’s his choice. Legally, I cannot force him to do anything. The same goes for anyone else. If you get vaccinated or not, I respect your decision. I think that shaming someone about getting vaccinated only makes a person want to get it even less—it just exacerbates the problem and does nothing to solve the matter. No one has a goddamned clue about agreeing to disagree anymore. For many, the only opinion that matters is theirs. Those people don’t care about your opinion; they just want to hear theirs coming out of your mouth.

”Misinformation or distrust of vaccines can be like a contagion that can spread as fast as measles.”

Theresa Tam

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