[219] Road Trip

Kansas I-70

I know I haven’t posted anything in a hot minute, so I need to get my butt in gear. I was gone for a while, partly because I worked several double shifts last week. In four shifts, I clocked in over 50 hours; too bad those shift were in separate weeks.

Another reason for my absence was the fact that I (with my two older boys) made a long-ass road trip to Kansas to bring my daughter here to Utah, in order to help her mom out. The mom hurt her back sometime in the middle of May, and has been out of work since, with a tiny fracture in two lumbar vertebrae. They’re so small that x-rays couldn’t pick them up. They were only found by an MRI scan—small, yet wickedly painful. Sure, she’s improving, but still expected to spend another 6 weeks in a back brace. My daughter is out here to help out with cooking and helping her out in other ways.

Since my daughter lives in Wichita, KS—roughly 1150 miles away, or 16 hours by car—the original plan was to meet in Denver, CO, about the halfway point. A few days prior to the trip, we get surprised by finding out we’d need to meet in a place called Hays, KS, an additional five hours that we weren’t expecting. I just know that I will never make that quick a trip like that ever again. Had I known much earlier, I would’ve requested an additional day off and spent the night in a hotel. We ended up driving some 2000 miles round-trip, driving for over 30 hours, stopping only to eat and use the bathroom. Even then, between three drivers, we had to stop at a rest area to nap, as everyone was exhausted. My daughter can’t see to drive at night (and this was at like 0500), my son had just switched from driving since he began to doze off, and I was falling asleep myself. When I noticed we were drifting out of our lane (running over the rumble strips), I decided that we had to stop and nap. We had just crossed the Colorado/Utah border, and still had several hours to go, and no one was in any condition to drive safely. Having napped an hour, we continued on. Eventually, we made it home safely.

Once arriving home at about 0900, I went in and lay on my bed, happy to actually lie horizontally after sitting in a car for the previous day-and-a-quarter. Though I napped until like noon, later in the evening, I had a massive migraine. Sure, I get headaches, but I don’t get a migraine very often. I just wanted to rip my head off my body and throw it away. I lay in the dark on my bed suffering in misery. At one point, I even threw up, probably from a combination of exhaustion, dehydration and lack of eating properly. Even taking pain relievers and trying acupressure to relieve the agony, I suffered until I eventually fell asleep. Since I forgot to turn it off, my phone’s alarm went off at 0530, and I noticed the pain had gone away, thankfully. After a couple of hours, I did end up going back to sleep until roughly noon. I don’t want to make another trip like that again. EVER!

“Sometimes the road of life is filled with potholes…and those potholes will force you to do a realignment with yourself.”

Author unknown

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