[218] The Fourth

Independence Day in the United States has come and gone. The fireworks shows are over (in the places they weren’t banned in the first place), and life in the god-awful heat of summer continues on. Retail stores are now placing all their flag- and freedom-related merchandise on clearance, to make space for the “back to school” sales and school supplies.

Meanwhile, the infernal heat of summer maintains its grip on practically the entire West. Where it’s not hotter than the very fires of hell, a storm is brewing—a hurricane dubbed “Elsa”. I guess wherever this storm goes, they’re just going to have to “let it go”. What? Too soon?

Next week, I am making the long-ass, dead-head drive to Denver, Colorado, to bring my daughter home to help care for her mom, who suffered a couple of fractured vertebrae about a month and a half ago. Fortunately, I’m not going alone, because no one in their right mind is able to make an 18- to 19- hour drive by themselves without spending the night. I don’t think even a crackhead could do that kind of drive. There ain’t enough Rockstar or Reign to get me through that!

I was watching today some video clips on YouTube of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segments, where celebrities read the mean things people tweet about them, because Twitter can be a vile place. Granted, these videos are taken over a period of time, as each one appears on that show. Now, Kimmel is definitely one of the far-left Hollywood Liberals, but this segment is hilarious. What would be some of the mean tweets I would send🤔? I could do something like, to any of the Kardashian clan: “You’re a bunch of attention whores, and honestly, there ain’t enough plastic surgery to fix your ugly, narcissistic, bitchy attitudes!”

I did fire off a couple of angry tweets at Donald Trump when he was president. Back when he was threatening to hold people’s tax returns as ransom over the budget stalemate and government shutdowns, I sent to his personal account a profanity-laden tweet. I doubt he or any of his staff ever read it, but I did my part. If I were to send one to him (and if he still had a Twitter account), it’d probably read something like this: “Mr Trump, since you’re a private citizen now, I can’t get arrested for saying this: ‘Fuck you and the horse you rode in on (‘cause he’s a douche also). You may have come out as the runner-up in the election, but you’ll always be “number one” in my book. And when I say “number one”, I mean this: 🖕 🖕 🖕. I think now I have to do a post about this: what kind of mean tweet should I send to celebrity people who I absolutely loathe? That would prove to be interesting.

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