[217] Reminiscing

Have you ever come across a person, and though you never really ever had contact with them, or they could be a total stranger, but you feel like you’ve known them your entire life? I had an experience such as this not too long ago.

I was at work, and I got a message over Facebook from someone I went to high school with. They were passing through the area, and thought they saw something about me working in the area. I replied that yes, I did indeed live and work here, so they asked if they could stop by. I said that would be great, since save two ladies I saw in 2017, I haven’t seen anyone I went to school with in over 30 years. They stopped by, and when I clocked out, I went out and looked for them. I will call this person “Sam”. Sam could be male or female, that is irrelevant to this story. I found Sam sitting in the dining room, eating a light meal. When I really don’t know someone, I tend to be somewhat awkward around that person, but sitting and talking with Sam, I immediately felt comfortable around them. I felt like we’d known each other for many years, though we never really talked before. Even in high school back in the 80s, I never really hung out with Sam. I was in the more advanced classes, they were not. Sam was kind of a troublemaker in school, and I never hung out with anyone. So we sat and talked for a bit, even after closing, since there was another group of people still eating and visiting.

When the other group left, I didn’t want to hold any of my coworkers up, so Sam and I left as well. Sam was tired from driving several hours and decided to get a room for the night. I indicated to Sam where the hotel is, and after talking and reminiscing a bit more, I went home. I did, however, get their phone number, and we still text and talk on the phone occasionally. It really was nice to see someone from the past and catch up on the last couple of decades, especially since I wasn’t able to attend my 20th class reunion back in 2010. We were supposed to have a 30th reunion last year, but with the pandemic and lockdowns and whatnot, it was cancelled, but never got rescheduled. I guess that is just as well. I have wanted to see some people from school, but I’m thinking that perhaps, in some of their cases, keeping in touch over social media is the best thing. I don’t know these people or what their lives really are, only what they post online, and we know how realistic that is. I don’t know any of the skeletons in their closets, so it might be better not to open Pandora’s Box and stir up any crap. I might end up learning things I don’t really want to know.

“There’s not a word yet, for old friends who’ve just met.”

Jim Henson

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