[216] Tired🥱

Why is it that on a day off from work, you plan to be productive and take care of things, like cleaning the house or working on another project, but reality strikes, and you wind up doing absolutely nothing and feeling more tired than on other days?

Such is the way I feel today. Yesterday was a long day at work, roughly 12 hours, and I ended up staying some 45 minutes after my scheduled time, because everyone decided they needed to eat at Cracker Barrel right before close. I’m sure there were some disappointed or pissed-off people, because, since it was past closing time, we ran out of a majority of the vegetable sides.

Anyway, I finally got up a little after noon today, which is something I rarely ever do; and now, several hours later, I sit on my bed writing this, and I feel like I’ve been through a wringer. Am I still tired from yesterday? Perhaps it’s because I’m unaccustomed to being home during the day? I’m used to working 5 – 6 days a week, and being at home, though desirable sometimes, is not what I’m used to.

I thought that, since I have this time off, I would get into writing more, and maybe make something yummy. So far, that hasn’t been the case. Hopefully I’ll get to something I want to do before I return to work Thursday. I didn’t even get a post for my other blog up yesterday. At one point, I had like 20 posts already written and saved. Right now, I’m scrambling week to week to come up with something. I have a few ideas, but it seems every time I sit to write something, I get interrupted. My kids will come into my room to say something, or their mom calls for something (she’s laid up with an injury right now; hopefully she’ll get better very soon), or any number of other things happen. I think worse than getting interrupted starting to write is someone coming in when I’m in the middle of a thought, which then derails my train of thought, and I lose the momentum of my flow. When writing, I start with an idea, I begin to write, then I just let my thoughts flow, writing whatever happens to come to mind as I’m writing (or, well, typing in this case). I like silence when I write, so that I am free to let my thoughts go. When someone distracts me from my pace, it throws a monkey wrench into the whole works and botches the whole message. Sometimes I’m able to resume my thoughts, but most of the time, I get frustrated and leave it aside.

Occasionally, I’ll retype a sentence when I realize that it’s not quite what I had in mind. I rarely proofread my whole post, but I have been known to edit and repost when I notice a typo after the fact. In the past, I’ve been known to correct people’s spelling, with the dreaded “*[insert correct spelling here]” comment, but, as much as typos bother my OCD, I’ve become more sensitive to others and how writing may not be their strong suit. Just because I can spell correctly, it doesn’t make me better than anyone else. Others are more street-smart or more fearless than me. Everyone has their imperfections, and it’s not our job to judge others for those imperfections.

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