[210] Obstructions

Are you one of those people who hang air fresheners from your rear view mirror? I mean, who doesn’t like a nice-smelling car to drive in? Did you know that in some states, this minor activity can get you pulled over by cops and given a ticket?

More than half of the states prohibit, for example, windshield-mounted GPS or cell phone mounts. Fourteen states totally allow them, and the remaining few have exceptions. Anyway, a handful of states prohibit anything dangling from your rear view mirror, as it is a form of windshield obstruction. If you happen to be driving in New Jersey, you might want to take down that Little Tree from your mirror, as this is a primary offense there. A primary offense is one that can get you pulled over without any other reason. In Utah for example, seat belt usage for adults used to be a secondary offense. While against the law, you couldn’t be pulled over just for that. There had to be another violation to warrant being stopped. As of May 2015, that became a primary offense, which means if a cop sees you don’t have your seat belt on, they can pull you over just on those grounds.

Now, back to the “stinky trees”, as my kids called them when they were little. I find anything hanging from the mirror annoying, and don’t like anything there. I’ve seen people hang like 20 of those trees on their mirrors. Shit, I’ve seen the same things on their turn signals. Do these dingbats actually think that one is going to recharge the smell of the other? Do they like the mixed scents? Or are they just too damned lazy to throw the old ones away?

While it’s rather annoying to see those trees dangling from the mirror, there is one thing that is worse than that: handicapped stickers. You’re right, I didn’t call them the politically-correct “disabled placards”. They’re handicapped stickers, goddammit. Somewhere printed on the placard it says to remove from the mirror before driving. That would be common sense to me. However, common sense just ain’t common anymore. I’ve seen so many old people who drive with that damned thing on their mirror, as if to announce to the world, proudly, that they’re old and/or handicapped, and dammit, you’d better treat them like the entitled old fuck they are. Oh, and Susan better get her whopping “senior discount”, or free drink. “That’s right, you little whippersnapper! I’ve lived a long life, and I’m entitled to everything I can get for free. I’m a senior citizen!” No, Sharon, you’re nothing but a hateful old bitty who thinks kids today “have it too easy”; you think today’s young people are lazy and should be able to afford a house, a car and health insurance on one income, and have a family with a stay-at-home mom and a brood of kids, without needing any kind of government assistance, because that was the way it used to be in the 1950s🙄. These same old hags see a 20-something couple get married, and be like “You’re too young to get married.” This from a woman who, at 25, already had seven kids, popping one out every nine months.

Okay, I don’t know how I went from rear-view mirror obstructions to old farts, but that’s the random nature of my thoughts! Take care, and don’t be a dick, until next time.

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