[205] Mother’s Day

In the US, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, the day when most people fondly remember their moms and all their sacrifices they went through in order for them to be who they are. Granted, not all women who have borne children deserve to be remembered. Some of them should have had their tubes tied at least a year prior to giving birth.

A woman can be a mom without ever having given birth. More than one of my high school classmates either chose not to have children, or were unable to conceive, regardless of how hard they tried. However, one of these women married a man with children from a previous marriage. Another one of these ladies is happily married, but could never have her own kids, so she is the mom of “fur babies”.

I don’t know why some people get all butt-hurt when a person calls their pets their “children”. Dogs and cats in a loving home are part of the family. My daughter has three cats that she loves to death. About five years ago, our orange tabby, Pumpkin, disappeared from the house. Everyone was sad, especially my daughter. About a week later, we brought a kitten home, who was named Cupcake. My daughter still cares for this cat, as well as two others, that she named Taffy and Bean (short for Vanilla Bean, as the cat is white like vanilla bean ice cream). Peculiarly, to this day, we don’t know whatever happened to Pumpkin. We think someone opened the front door and let the cat out sometime during the day. She left without a trace.

If your mom is still with you in this world, please reach out to her. Whether she is your biological mom, or the person who you esteem as “mom”, she would love to hear you tell her that you love her. Which reminds me, I need to call my mom sometime tomorrow. My mom is elderly (88 years old currently), and I don’t get over to see her as often as I should, between work and everything else that goes on in life. Actually, it’s kinda embarrassing that I don’t get over there, seeing as how she lives about a mile and a half away. I didn’t go much over the last year or so, due to the pandemic, and I didn’t want to risk any of that crap. Now that I’ve received the full course of vaccine shots, that’s not something I need to worry about.

Many will be out and about tomorrow morning, taking their moms out for breakfast or a Sunday brunch. In the restaurant world, Mother’s Day is typically quite busy, especially in the morning, but it also tends to spread out throughout the whole day, since some moms will get treated to eat out at dinner—sometime after church—rather than earlier in the day.

So when was Mother’s Day first observed? In May of 1907, Anna Jarvis originated the commemoration when she held a memorial service for her late mother in Grafton, West Virginia. Her mom had organized several women’s groups to promote health and friendship. By 1912, almost every state observed it, and in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially declared Mother’s Day a national holiday. Some 40 countries observe Mother’s Day, though on different dates. The US honors Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May each year.

Rather than ending with a quote today, I would like to wish all the moms out there, who are moms in one capacity or another, a very felicitous Mother’s Day!

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