[203] April Update

I feel I should end the month of April by posting one final time for the month. We are entering into the month of May, and things are beginning to heat up around here. Literally. The weather forecast is like 90° this weekend🥵. Those weirdos that love hot weather are praising the weather gods. Normal people like myself are beginning the season of loathe, which will last until roughly October.

You can tell things are returning to semi-abnormal, as the annual half-Ironman race takes place tomorrow. Normally, the route goes right around where I live, and closes both roads going in and out of the neighborhood. In times past, traffic was halted until the precious racers were clear, and we could proceed across a whole 30’ of roadway, to make a huge detour to be able to drive normally🙄. Fortunately, this only happened until around noon. This year, though, with a new road being built to access the local airport, racers will be diverted onto this new roadway. Hallelujah!

I was thinking about something that really bothers me for some reason. Perhaps there’s no logic to it, but yesterday, I was baking a new recipe for lemon bread and lemon-blueberry bread. By the way, both turned out nicely with a nice, lemony flavor. Anyway, reading the lemon-blueberry recipe, I saw it called for chopped nuts. Then, I thought about it. It seems like every recipe for brownies, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, etc., all want to add in chopped nuts. WHY?!?!?! Okay, I get that they can always be omitted, but why include them in the first place?! Some are allergic to nuts, others just don’t like them for whatever reason. I think, why ruin a perfectly good brownie, cookie or bread by adding some stupid walnuts? But what about macadamia cookies? Hey, if you like cookies with them big-ass Hawaiian nuts, go knock yourself out. That’s why I don’t eat them.

Also, when researching a recipe online, why do most of the people have to write a goddamned life story, or explain twenty million different things beforehand? Just give me the fucking recipe!! I don’t need to hear about how your grandma’s ex-husband’s nephew’s what’s-their-face did this, that or the other, and was in whatever situation to invent the thingamabob using three doohickeys and a doodad. I don’t give a fuck about your history. I. Just. Want. The. Recipe!! At the very least, give me a link to skip the nonsense, thank you very much🤬.

Look like April 2021 is in the history books. Shit, they’re gonna need an entire goddamned encyclopedia just for January 2020 to present, dedicating an entire volume just to the years of March and April 2020🤭.

Now, the final quote of April:

“I’m pretty sure some humans were intended to hibernate all summer. I’m sure that I’m one of those humans. Wake me in October!”

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