[201] Side Effects

As you undoubtedly have heard, vaccines against the coronavirus are widely available, and everyone is being encouraged to get it. There is also a lot of controversy behind the vaccines. Everyone has their opinions about it. Some say it’s absolutely necessary; others claim it’s an infringement on their rights, and that they absolutely will not be vaccinated, citing being lab rats, “mark of the beast”, microchips, or whatever conspiracy theory you can invent.

Four weeks ago, a local pharmacy set up a drive-thru vaccine clinic in a parking lot about two blocks from my house. I went and got my first dose then. As you know, every drug put into the body has some kind of side effect. It doesn’t matter what the drug is. Even the legal ones, such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, Tylenol, Advil, cough syrup or antacids, have a side effect. The side effects also vary in each person. The first dose of Moderna vaccine that I received only gave me a sore arm for two days. I didn’t have any other side effects from that shot. Working with two sore arms was torture for that weekend (one arm with the shot, the other arm has an injured rotator cuff that is constantly in pain).

This last Friday, 23 April, I went and received the second dose of vaccine. I went to work that evening, and my arm hurt a little, but nothing unbearable. Later that night and into the next morning, however, was a totally different story. Many have claimed the second vaccine caused worse side effects than the first. Others had no reaction. What did I experience? Oh god, let me tell you. My arm at the injection site had a sharp pain, to where I could barely lift my arm. I had find a position to keep my arm while sleeping, so that the pain wasn’t too unbearable. After I got out of bed at like 1100, I felt like doing absolutely nothing. I was dragging ass, feeling weak and a little achy, like I was catching the flu. I debated for a few minutes, but I ended up calling out from work. I honestly would not have been able to survive the six-hour shift. I almost never call out—maybe once a year at most—and I especially don’t like to call out that close to the beginning of my shift (which started at 1400).

Fortunately, the pain in my arm was subsiding in the evening, and today I was able to work my shift. Just by looking at me this morning, some would say that I was lying about not feeling well. However, I don’t lie to get out of working when I’m scheduled. I’ve gone to work not feeling well on other occasions because I didn’t want to leave my co-workers screwed.  I really like my job, and never call out unless I absolutely cannot do the required work. Some people, unfortunately, are inherently lazy and will do anything to not have to work when they don’t want to, such as calling out when they have the slightest sniffle or cough/sneeze. We’re already short-handed as it is, and it would be a real dick move on my part if I intentionally made the shift even more so.

To lighten things up a tad, I leave this humorous quote:

“You know you haven’t stopped talking since I came here? You must have been vaccinated with a phonograph needle.”

Groucho Marx

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